Life coaching for success and well-being


Invest in yourself.
Expand your potential.

Are you really doing what you want to with your life? 

Do you have hidden talents that need to be set free?

Do you wish you could find strength in your own voice?

Do you never quite get around to giving yourself some much needed attention?

How we can help

At Healthy Selfish, we believe that investing in yourself is the secret to success.

Success in relationships, work and well-being.

Working with us, you will clarify your thoughts and understand what’s holding you back, so you can find the confidence to take bold decisions and create a life you love.

Rosie Dalling, founder of Healthy Selfish

Rosie Dalling, founder of Healthy Selfish

Working with Rosie is a dream because she has that enviable gift of being highly effective whilst being exceptionally charismatic. She’s proactive, listens well and provides creative solutions to problems that get results. From mid-way through our first project together I wasn’t asking myself if I would book her again, I was asking myself how soon I could do so.
— Jo Olsen · Head of Talent · LIDA · M&C Saatchi Group

Working together


One to one coaching

Uncover hidden beliefs that are holding you back.

Re-channel your strengths and focus on what you actually want.

Grow your confidence and see how positively people respond to this new you.


Workshops + Events

Immerse yourself in creativity.

Step into the zone.

Find the motivation you need to get your big idea going and feel the elation of something beginning.



Wherever you are in your career, we believe you have the power to make a difference.

We also believe that good leadership training should be available and accessible to everyone.

Working with Rosie is an amazing opportunity to turn down the background noise and sort out what truly matters.
— Samantha Lewes · Interior Designer · Bristol


How To Fail Better

In this game-changing masterclass, participants will explore their approach to failure through a new lens. 

We will share tools and techniques to challenge beliefs and build a more resilient approach to failure.


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