69% of women said they would rather talk about their own death than talk about money
— Survey by Merrill Lynch

‘Tedious and terrifying’ is how Brook Shields described talking about money.  But how can we help money chats become fearless and fun and part of your everyday life.    

Many people feel uncomfortable talking about money, especially women.  

A recent study from Merrill Lynch found that 69% of women would rather talk about their own death than talk about money.  

Whilst countless studies have showed that women frequently outperform men at both saving and investing, only 28% of women in the Merrill Lynch study said they felt confident handling financial investments.  

It’s clear: Women need to find the confidence to talk about money and own their worth.  

In this workshop, you’ll explore what it’s like to feel empowered to talk about money.  

We’ll zero in on the big money conversations you need to have:  whether it’s with yourself, your partner, your friends, your boss or whether it’s simply drawing up a seat at the table.   And you’ll understand what’s stopping you from having them.  

You’ll also identify some of the spending habits that go hand in hand with avoiding the conversation (hello surprise ASOS delivery).

You’ll learn a technique for handling difficult conversations.    

And you’ll create a strategy to own your worth when you are talking about money.