Ever tried, ever failed. No matter. Try again, fail again, fail better.
— Samuel Beckett

Given our love of glossy pitch reels, seamless presentations, perfect executions and our collective finger pointing at the ‘Turkeys of the Week’, we aren’t known as an industry that loves to fail.

When we do talk about it, we tend to focus on shiny tales of failure that segue seamlessly into reassuring stories of success: The high-school drop-out turned billionaire; the brand PR disaster turned into a PR dream; the botched interview followed by the perfect job offer. But we avoid really discussing personal failure at all costs.

What is missing is a more honest conversation about how we feel while we are failing and after – what makes us choose the safe path afterward vs facing risk again bravely? How can we fail better so that we learn to be more comfortable with risk? And how can failure become a building block in our future success?

Does our gender play a role in our approach to failure?

Elizabeth Day wrote in the Guardian after a series of interviews on failure with both men and women, ‘It was fascinating to see how men and women had different attitudes. Many of the men I approached balked at the idea they had failed at anything. They cited lost tennis matches, unrisen soufflés and the inability to play a musical instrument. The women routinely responded that they would have trouble whittling down their myriad failures to just three instances.’

Let’s throw aside our pride, self-doubt and secrecy. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty truth about how failure can be the best (worst) thing that happens to us – personally and professionally.

Join us for a two-part event:

1. Panel - where we hear the true stories of failure and the experiences of bouncing back

2. Workshop - get up close and personal with failure. Led by coach Rosie Dalling from healthy selfish (https://www.healthyselfish.co.uk/) you will explore your own failures and reframe them as building blocks to your future success.

It will be an evening of provocation, uncomfortable truths and new opportunity. Join us!

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers featuring:


Nicola Kemp - Managing Editor, BITE Trends


Lisa Thomas - Global Chief Brand Officer, Virgin

More to be announced soon...


All profits from Bloom's Panel events go to our charity partner Women's Aid, along with raffle proceeds (tickets can be bought on the night or in advance). 

Please arrive from 6.30pm for networking, with the panel kicking off at 7pm sharp.


24 June 2019
6.30 - 9.30pm
at Facebook, Rathbone Place.