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We love to create workshops that respond directly to your needs. So you know that when you invest the time, what you learn is relevant to your life and you can put it into practice straightaway. 

Immerse yourself in creativity.

Step into the zone.

Find the motivation you need to get your big idea going and feel the elation of something beginning.



Upcoming workshops


Just Bring Yourself
2 July 2019

Are you returning to work after having a baby? Join us for this transformational masterclass. You will learn how to harness your newly acquired skills and we share practical tools to manage the very specific challenges of working parenthood.

Join Healthy Selfish for this game-changing masterclass and leave feeling confident about the value you bring both at home and at work.


The Bounce Back - How Risk More and Fail Better
25 June 2019

We are thrilled to collaborate with Bloom UK. For an action orientated event around failure hosted by Facebook. Part panel event, part workshop, we will explore their approach to failure through a new lens. 

We will share tools and techniques to challenge beliefs and build a more resilient approach to failure.

Rosie’s love of people, combined with her curiosity and dynamism makes her powerful and effective. Her infectious energy and passion, mixed with her wealth of knowledge make her a great coach to work with.
— Bernard Ross · The Management Centre · London

Bespoke workshops and public speaking


Bespoke workshops

We can create a workshop especially for you.  

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