We’ve been making New Year’s Resolutions for thousands of years.  The Ancient Babylonians in 2335BC made promises to their Gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and repay their debts.  Things aren’t so different now, except we’re more likely to make our promises somewhat drunkenly in front of friends at a New Year’s Eve dinner party.  

But if you would really like to make some positive changes in 2019, I want to share three really simple tips that will help you transform your New Year’s Resolution into a WHOLE LIFE REVOLUTION.    

1.    PICK ONE THING.    

You are so much more likely to make an impact if you focus on one specific thing.  It doesn’t mean you can’t make multiple things happen, but if you focus all your attention on one specific area, you will see how it blossoms. 

If you’re confronted with many areas of your life that you would love to transform, ask yourself:

What is the common link between them?

This will give you a clue where to begin. 

2.    FIND OUT WHY. 

Which of these sounds more inspiring?

“ I want to lose a stone by cutting out carbs and going for a run at least three times a week’.


“I want to look and feel incredible in a stunning set of threads that I have bought for myself.  I know exactly what my body needs to feel fabulous.”

Discovering what happens NEXT is the key to creating a resolution you can buy into.  Before you set it in stone, ask yourself:

“What will be the effect on the rest of your life:  your family, your friends, your work and the way you live?


Say your goal is to be more financially stable in 2019.  Your strategy might simply be to cut back on your daily take-out coffee.   But creating a strategy before addressing your mindset is like putting a plaster on a graze in the dark.  

You need to go back and understand what is behind the behaviour: what is the reason you buy a take-out coffee?  

Is it a treat?  Is it your way of stretching your legs and having a break?  Is it an opportunity to be sociable or is it because you don’t own a thermos flask?  

You are learning that your mindset is along the lines of:

I need to spend money on take out coffee in order to feel… insert adjective.  

Now you have this new information, you can make a small behavioural change that will fit into your overall strategy of being more financially stable in 2019, rather than simply guessing that buying less coffee is the answer.       

Et voila, with these tools, I really hope 2019 is a revelation to you. 

Wishing you the very best of luck and drop me a line if you have any thoughts or questions.

Happy New Year!

Love Rosie x

Ps. Did you know you can build your very own Healthy Selfish toolkit - check out our resources page to find out how.

Rosie Dalling